16 September 2008

Asher Watch - Day 7

Still no baby boy, but Roger and I are enjoying laying around tonight feeling Asher squirm and kick inside my belly. We're trying to talk to him and tell him to come on out.
I guess the end really is near, if nothing happens tomorrow then Thursday night we will go back to Dr. Pujo and then finally Asher will be born!
We are so excited! Every night we go to sleep thinking that just maybe tomorrow is the day.

And finally, the pregnancy quote of the day...
My friend Indah always sends me text messages that say, "Gaimana kandungannya?"
The first time she asked me this I grabbed my dictionary because I had no idea what she was asking.
The translation: "How's the uterus?"
I guess that's one way to see how I'm doing...

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