13 September 2008

Asher Watch - Day 4

We're still watching and waiting.
Only 5 more days for Asher to come on his own.
I walked another 2 miles tonight and got stared at by all the neighbors...again.

Quote of the day comes from the world famous (or at least Surabaya famous) Dr. Pujo:
"If no baby by next Thursday I think better to terminate the pregnancy."
I promise, we really are in good hands over here.


Anthony and Sharon said...

Girl I feel ya! Isaac was 5 days late...except from day 3 to day 5 I was in labor...35 hours... hours 20-28 were the hardest then the anesthesiologist came, Dr. Surresh and became my instant hero (after I screamed at him because the epidural hurt and I was going through 90 second long contractions). But not long after I apologized, Isaac came, and now a few months later I can't believe I ever thought it wouldn't happen! The pre-pregnancy is body is (mostly) back save a very cabbage patch doll looking belly button that I have now.

Good luck when he does finally come! Keep walking! Can't wait to see pictures of him!!!

Anonymous said...

are babies born outside of the US able to speak english? or will it be a second language?

will he be white like you?

this is all really confusing.