28 September 2008

A Crazy Week

Baby Asher is now one week old. We have been working on putting photos on zenfolio, but we've been a little busy, so it's not done yet.
Asher is doing well. We are a bit sleep deprived and occasionally overwhelmed, but we are surviving. Everybody here is taking really good care of us, they are bringing us food and coming over to check on us everyday, sometimes several times each day.
Mimi (Courtney's mom) will be here in the morning and we are looking forward to getting a little rest while she is here.
On Friday Asher went to the doctor for the first time. He got a shot, but only cried for a minute and then went right back to sleep. His weight is now 3.6 kilos (his birth weight was 3.4 kilos). I'm not sure it should really have been that high, but they weighed him with his diaper and sleeper on. Either way, he is still close to his birth weight and will go back in two weeks for another weight check.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like he doesn't weight that much...because they had his diaper and clothes on etc.

But good news is that at 2 weeks they would like a baby to be at least at their birth weight. (which it looks like he is right at!).

So, keep doing what you are doing. Most babies lose a little weight the first few days, but it sounds like he has gained that back....YEAH!

Enjoy him, he is so sweet looking!

Anonymous said...

Hey Courtney, Roger and Asher,

Just wanted to say how adorable little Asher is, we are so happy for you all. Try not to let Susan spoil him too much in the next few days. We look forward to seeing you all in a few months.

God Bless you all,

Vicki and Ronnie Hall