15 September 2008

Asher Watch - Day 6

Today is Asher's original due date, but I guess he is late for that one as well.
I walked another 2 miles today plus we went to the mall and to Carrefour, I hope all of this walking is helping.
There's also a full moon tonight, I'm still holding out hope that it will somehow help labor to start.
While at Carrefour we came across our quote of the day, although it has nothing to do with when I will born Roger's baby.
It was written on a t-shirt: "Little Miss Old Digger"


Brandon and Bess said...

Just wanted to say that we've been checking your blog multiple times a day! Praying for you Courtney that Asher will come soon!

LOVE THE QUOTES OF THE DAY! English mistakes on Tshirts are one of the many humorous benefits to living in Asia :)

Anonymous said...

i aint saying she's an old digger.