11 September 2008

Asher Watch - Day 2

We went to see Dr. Pujo tonight and he once again told us that Asher is healthy and that I am healthy. So healthy in fact, that there is no reason to do anything besides wait another week. He did a non-stress test and we got to spend an hour listening to Asher's heartbeat. It was good and strong, just like it's supposed to be and we got to check out the labor and delivery room.
The good news: if Asher is not here by next Thursday Dr. Pujo will induce me. We are happy to know that the end is finally in sight. I can handle another week knowing this.
We are still praying that Asher will decide to come before next Thursday, we really want to avoid being induced.

Finally, for the bad English/having a baby overseas quote of the day...
"I wish your baby have a Indonesian style on his attitudes, as like as Obama."


Anonymous said...

LOL....I hope he isn't like Obama!

It won't be long now, it is much easier knowing that there is an end in sight, YEAH!

Anonymous said...

i hope he is exactly like obama.