18 July 2010

17 Weeks

I'm pretty sure by this time in my pregnancy with Asher I had probably posted 17 separate belly pictures. Oh well. Here's the first and hopefully they will come weekly after this...we'll see.

I'm feeling good and everything seems to be moving right along. I'm still just wearing my regular clothes and waiting for my belly to get really big. I did wear a maternity shirt today, but I admit it had more to do with a lack of clean clothes than a need for a bigger shirt.

I think I have felt this new baby kicking a little lately, but I'm never quite sure. Soon enough I know I will be feeling kicks and pokes all over my belly.

I've started vaguely thinking of where everyone will sleep, but I can't really decide what will be best. Asher's bed can become a toddler bed, but then I need another crib. If Asher gives up his crib to the new baby I need either a toddler bed or some other bed for him to sleep on. Any suggestions from you all that have added another baby to your family? Either way Asher and the new baby will be sharing a room, we only have two bedrooms so this is a bit of a necessity.

In a little over a week we will hopefully find out if this is another precious boy or a sweet baby girl coming to join our family. We can't wait to find out!


Jessica & Josh

We bought a new crib for the 2nd baby. We are glad we did now that Hayden is in the full size bed. It was easier and we know we will get a lot of use out of both.
He did use the toddler bed for a long time because it was easier to teach him to stay in the bed that way. we just made the crib into the bed a few weeks ago. Hope this helps.
You look so cute by the way, hope you are feeling good!

Beth said...

Personally I would get him maybe a twin bed if you can fit in the room. He will adjust and you can put him the rail on the side, it can be bought. That is what I did with all three of mine, they never used a toddler bed.

roger and courtney said...

I'm definitely leaning towards the twin bed. Everything else is super expensive. Actually I'm thinking about just getting a twin mattress and putting it on the floor. I looked at bed rails tonight and they were like $80. I figure if he's just on a twin mattress he won't have too far to fall.
Thanks Beth!

Anthony and Sharon said...

We moved Isaac into a Queen bed...but that's all we had (I know, ridiculous right?!)...it would have been a twin bed if I had had my druthers. We didn't do a toddler bed because we figured, "This is a transition. Transitions can sometimes be hard. Why add a middle, 2nd, transition like a toddler bed that we'll just have to transition him out of one day?"
When parents come for Baby #2's birth (hope someone does!) or folks from the US make the journey, get them to bring the rails! OR only buy one rail and push the other side of his bed against the wall. Isaac has rails on the queen bed and he's been in it for about 7 months now. Last week he had to sleep in a twin bed without rails and he did great! Never fell off!
And our boys sleep great in the same room. In fact when I put Isaac down for his nap today, he asked where Isaiah was and said Isaiah had to go sleep-sleep too! :)

Can't wait to hear what you're having!