29 July 2010

Boy Oh Boy

That's right, there's going to be another boy at the Hampton House.

The ultrasound today showed us a healthy, growing baby boy. This one is a bit more modest than Asher, but we managed to get the proof we needed.

While this does mean I need to stop perusing Baby Gap for dresses I do finally feel justified in lugging every bit of Asher's baby clothing from Indonesia to Kentucky to Vancouver to Bangkok.

Trucks, snails, cars and dirt. I think having two boys is going to fun!


Brittney said...

SO excited for you guys!! Those pictures of your ultra sound are wonderful. That precious little boy Hampton baby is gonna love having Asher as his big brother :) And yes, all the saving clothing and carting them around the world with you will pay off!!

Anthony & Sharon said...

Congrats! Two boys are SOOOOO fun!

I'm debating right now whether the baby boy clothes need to go to Malaysia. Though, the couple of "faith" onesies that are of a more feminine color palette are definitely coming! HA!

My solution to having to ignore the ridiculously accessorized side of babyGap is to match my boys. What's the only girl in the house to do when there's no one to play dress-up with?!? Disguise it as "coordinating outfits" of course!

Mark and Beth said...

Yippee! So exciting! I think we're going to have a great time with our two boys:)