10 July 2010

The Aquarium, The River, The Tuk-Tuk and the Vacation That Wasn't

There is a big aquarium in the basement of one of the big malls in Bangkok. We have been wanting to check it out for a while and decided that we would wait until Mimi and Mel were with us. Asher has a DVD all about fish and the ocean, so he was very excited to see real fish at the aquarium. It was dark throughout most of the aquarium, so we didn't take many (good) pictures.

Oddly enough Asher's favorite part of the entire place was the musical about a horse and a mermaid. The whole thing was in Thai and he sat there like he understood and then wanted to go see the big horse when it was over.

We also enjoyed a boat ride down the river. We were cheap and instead of paying to take a tour we just hopped on one of the free hotel boats, rode down the river to a hotel and did some exploring near the hotel.

Outside of the hotel we found some tuk-tuks sitting around and decided to take Asher on his first tuk-tuk ride. We paid the guy about a dollar to drive us around for ten minutes. The longer we were in the tuk-tuk the more excited Asher became.

Definitely the best dollar I've spent in a while.

On the way back we checked out the super nice hotel lobby and the view of the river.

To end their time here we decided to drive down to the beach for the weekend. Hmm, how to sum up the beach weekend? Well we were back in Bangkok less than 12 hours after we left, we never saw the beach and for a while we thought Asher might have had a concussion.

We went swimming and Asher looked cute as always.

Then he slipped and fell on the super slippery tile that was everywhere by the pool and inside the house. Unfortunately he fell into the corner of a concrete wall and dented his head.

(No Pictures Available)

Because of that and a few other problems we decided to just head back home and enjoy our last few days of Mimi and Mel at home.


Anthony and Sharon said...

Awww. I bet he DID understand the Thai:) And sorry your weekend got cut short. Anthony listens to a medical podcast where they talk about all kinds of stuff. One day it was on concussions. The doctor said it's actually ok for people with concussions to go to sleep and that it's a myth they'll go into a coma. "If you were an organ like the brain and had just gotten banged up a bit, wouldn't you want a nap?" Isaac fell in Lowe's once (dry concrete with no corners) and put a dent in the front of his forehead. It was there for several months!
Not sure why I said all that...just hope Asher is doing well!

roger and courtney said...

I hope he understood the Thai.
We sort of understood Asher's whining after the head bang, we figured he had quite the headache. Luckily his hair was looooong at the time and it covered up most of the damage. Every time a Thai person saw it they freaked out.