20 July 2010

A Boy and His Chaang

This Asher and his chaang (elephant). Chaang may very well be the only Thai word he really knows at this point. Well, he does know hello, goodbye and thank you and how to wai. He can't quite say chaang (it's a high tone for those that care), so he says "na na na" (and he says it correctly with a high tone).

The boy loves elephants. He can find them anywhere. Last week we stayed in a hotel with elephant statues in the lobby and he would start every day by running over, yelling "NA NA NA!" and kissing them.

This particular elephant is his favorite.

He carries it around the house and loves on it all day long. Recently Asher came into the kitchen, took a bowl and spoon and went back to the living room. I looked over to see him sitting on the couch with Chaang sharing a pretend bowl of snacks. So sweet!

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Brittney said...

SO PRECIOUS!! I Love when I catch Anna giving a drink of milk to her teddy or Snoopy doggie. It melts my heart. Anna is like that with horses and doggies. She finds them a.n.y.w.h.e.r.e.