05 July 2010

Five Years Later

Mimi graciously offered to keep Asher overnight so that Roger and I could celebrate our fifth anniversary. After spending weeks trying to decide what to do on our big night out we decided to be nostalgic and return to the Conrad Hotel where we stayed on our honeymoon.

Here we are on our Honeymoon in 2005.

And here we are in 2010.

When we checked in they found out it was our anniversary and soon afterwards chocolate and flowers arrived in our room.

We spent the evening eating some wonderful French food (we've wanted to eat French food ever since watching Julie and Julia), watching the season 4 finale of Lost and enjoying the view of the city from our room.

The next morning we slept in as late as we wanted to...until 7:30! Breakfast was wonderful and then our very best friend came to see us.

He brought Mimi and Mel with him and we all went swimming.

Asher splashed around with us for a while...

Then he found Uncle Mel and had even more fun.

You know it's been a good day when it ends with wrinkly toes!

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Anthony and Sharon said...

Happy Anniversary Hamptons!!! So fun to think of all that's happened between taking those two pictures:) We went to Malaysia 1 month after we got married for a whole month... though I don't want to duplicate that experience (for romantic anniversary purposes anyway) as we stayed in SEPARATE dorm-rooms nearly the entire month. Definitely puts a damper on the whole Sweet-Month :)

Can't wait to see some belly shots Mommy Hampton!!!