26 July 2010

The Dusit Zoo

Today was a holiday of some variety, never figured out exactly what it was, but that meant no school.

So we went to the zoo.

The last time we went to the zoo Asher was 8 months old and he slept while we looked at animals. This time he was wide awake and making animal noises.

Of course our first stop was to see the elephants.

He was scared to death.

It was understandable because the elephants were just right there and they were loud and excited. They kept running at the barrier trying to get more food. It was sort of sad because he really loves elephants, I just think they were a bit overwhelming in person.

We retreated away from the real elephants to the elephant statues.

Asher was thrilled and we spent a long time letting him "pet" the elephants statues. I think we actually had a bigger crowd watching Asher with the fake elephants than the real elephants did.

There really weren't a lot of animals at the zoo. In typical Asian fashion there were exhibits featuring exotic animals such as deer and skunks. We didn't even bother to stop and look.

Asher did love the monkeys. They were getting wild and Asher was screaming right along with them.

We ended our time at the zoo with a trip to our favorite exhibit.

Evidently we were the first people to put a white boy in that cage because again we drew a crowd. Asher certainly helped the situation by dancing and yelling car car.

This is Roger's favorite picture. Asher got out of the cage and saw the wheels, so he decided to push the car car. He seemed to be absolutely confounded as to why a car with wheels wouldn't move.

We made it home before nap time and spent the rest of the day asking Asher about the zoo. He must have forgotten about the elephants being scary because every time we asked about the zoo he would say "na na na" and get really excited.

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