13 July 2010

Short and Spiky

We have been avoiding getting Asher's haircut because he hates getting it cut. He screams, he makes a scene, he acts like they are cutting off his head instead of his hair.

The other day I spotted a kids salon and we thought we would go check it out, after all the boy really needed to get his hair cut.

This place was wonderful. If your kid needs a haircut in BKK, I definitely recommend this place. It wasn't anything fancy, but the lady really knew how to work quickly and how to work with kids. It probably helped that she had a television. Asher was so good, he sat in my lap and watched Thomas the Train and only got squirmy when she trimmed around his ears.

We told her short, she suggested short and spiky. Here are the results.


Anthony and Sharon said...

So handsome Asher! He'd be cute if you shaved it or dyed it purple! Neither of our boys can do spiky...too many curls:)

Jessica & Josh

Very cute!! He looks so much older, thats why we always dreaded the first haircut. It looks great though, pray you all are well.