03 July 2010

The View From The Top

We had to do some touristy things while Mimi and Mel were here, so I took them to the top of the tallest hotel in the Kingdom of Thailand to see the city.

Of course Asher spent most of his time in the tuk-tuk. I should also mention that Asher has learned to say tuk-tuk and can spot one a mile off in heavy traffic.

This time he shared the tuk-tuk and let Mimi drive.

Asher posed for a picture with Mel.

Asher and Mimi posed for some traditional Thai pictures. Asher is a handsome little prince.

We out to the revolving sky deck, but Asher and Mel thought it was hot and bright, so we didn't stay too long.

Asher and Mimi went for a hot air balloon ride.

After that morning of excitement we had a very long ride home and everyone (except for me and Roger) took afternoon naps.

The end.

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Anthony and Sharon said...

My favorite is the hot air balloon pic:) So glad Asher had fun with Mimi and Mel. Isaiah is about a year younger than Asher and it's good to see he responded well to relatives after being gone from December til summer... that's pretty well how it will be for Zay (and Isaac too) this coming year. :)