27 August 2010

Asher's New Stuff

Well after finally deciding that I would just get Asher a twin bed I ended up getting him an IKEA bed that is bigger than toddler size, but smaller than a twin. I really was all for the twin, but I found this one used here in Bangkok and it matches his crib.

I think now my plan is to keep Asher in this bed until our first Stateside (he will be 4) and keep the little baby in the crib (or the crib converted to a toddler bed) until then. When we get back from Stateside I am hoping we can get them some fun bunk beds. Since Asher's new bed is bigger than a toddler bed I'm not worried about him out-growing it before then.

The downside: it's a funny size. I sort of realized this when I bought it. But I wrongly assumed that if IKEA made a funny sized bed they would make funny sized bedding. I was wrong. While they do make a fitted sheet, they don't make anything else that will fit this bed. I was frustrated until I got online, realized how cheap toddler bedding was at Target and got our my measuring tape. Turns out a toddler size comforter will fit Asher's bed nicely and my wonderful neighbor, Aunt Marsha, will just make some fitted sheets for me.

I found some bedding that is perfect for Asher and sort of coordinates with the crib bedding we already have. The Hampton boys are going to have a pretty cute little bedroom!

He loves cars and I can't wait to see how excited he gets when he sees this stuff. I don't think we will be able to use the sheets since they will be too small, but we will get to use the comforter, pillow case and the little car pillow.

And Mimi of course found the perfect accessory when she was at Target last week.

A car bean bag! She is going to take all of the beans out and bring it with her and we will refill it once it gets here.

The plan for now is for Mimi to ship the bedding (unless somebody happens to know somebody coming to Bangkok????), so hopefully we will have it in the next few weeks. Asher has absolutely no interest in sleeping in his big boy bed right now, but I hope the cars will entice him.


Ray and Morgan Stuart said...

Is there a window in the bedroom? You could make curtains out of the sheets. You could also make basket liners or a laundry bag out of them.

Anthony & Sharon said...

"The Hampton Boys"!!! I love that!