09 August 2010

Snail Love

We finished another busy week. We are now without a househelper (those of you without househelpers go ahead and roll your eyes, those of you that live in this part of the world will sympathize with me) and I am studying Thai every afternoon for two hours. Those two things have combined for some busy mornings and one tired momma. I really miss having Asher's nap time to sit down or get stuff done, but it's totally worth it for me to really get to study Thai and be able to talk to more people.

It's been an adjustment, but for the most part Asher and I can get the house clean (and a few days a week get the floors mopped) and sort of keep up with the laundry. Rainy season makes it a bit hard to get the clothes dry, but we are absolutely loving the cooler weather. Asher has become quite the sweeper/mopper/duster and I think he actually enjoys the time we spend cleaning the house every morning.

Roger and I discovered that rainy season brings a lot of snails to our yard. Roger and Asher have taken to snail hunting most nights after dinner. It's gross, but I figure with a house full of boys I better get used to creepy crawly things. In fact we recently ate dinner with a snail in a tupperware bowl sitting on the counter.

Asher loves looking for snails and I went out the other night to capture a few pictures of the nasty little things he loves to look for.

Snails are nasty. The more you see them the nastier they become.

Snail meet Stick. It's not a gentle stick because it's being held by a non-gentle 22 month old that likes to hit things with sticks.

Here's the stick and Asher. I would be afraid if I was a snail. Actually I am afraid and Asher knows not to hit me with the stick.

Uh oh! Where did the snail go? It's under Asher's shoe. Oh well, I'm sure there will be more snails tomorrow.


Anthony & Sharon said...

I think you're already getting the whole "mother in a house full of boys" thing down! Isaac smashes ants whenever he sees them...or any other bug really.
Also, Asher looks so big. Anthony even commented on it. And not sure if your experience is the same as ours (or if Asher is just an angel-child) but 22 months had more melt-downs than the whole first 5 months of Year 2! You have something to look forward to! :)

roger and courtney said...

Asher tends to go in like two month cycles for melt downs. He will have a great two months and then have 4 or 5 awful days and then go back to being okay. Right now we are in one of the good stretches...