19 August 2010

While Mama Was Gone

A few weeks ago (actually this was while Roger and I were at the doctor checking out our newest son) Asher spent the morning with our neighbors, Aunt Marsha and Uncle Tony. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but all of the kids in our company call the adults aunt and uncle. This way even though we are far from home we are always surrounded by family. I think by the last count Asher has around 5000 aunts and uncles living all over the world.

Anyway, Aunt Marsha and Uncle Tony usually watch Asher when I go to the doctor. In fact Aunt Marsha usually volunteers to come over extra early so I can go to Starbucks and get some coffee before I go to the doctor. I love having awesome neighbors. On this particular morning they had a lot planned for Asher. From what I was told as soon as Asher finished his oatmeal they headed outside to do some yard work. Asher helped Uncle Tony pull up some weeds and pick up some big sticks. After that they got to wash the car. Asher was having a blast. Much more fun than being at home with Mama and cleaning the house.

Evidently Marsha and Tony had been looking for a good reason to go check out Lumpini Park. Lumpini is a huge park right in the middle of the city. There is a real playground (with safe playground equipment!), a lake and lots of grass to run around in.

I love these last three pictures. Marsha called me while we were at the doctor and said they were going home to eat lunch and that they were a bit wet. I didn't quite catch all of what she said, but when I got home and saw the soaking wet pair of shorts hanging up to dry I started to figure it all out.

First, Aunt Marsha decided to be brave and go down the slide with Asher.

Evidently she didn't check for puddles before going down the slide and didn't take into account that it's rainy season and there are always puddles.

The Aftermath. I'm surprised Asher stayed so calm about being wet.

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Anthony & Sharon said...

Too fun! And you know this Aunt and Uncle would baby sit anytime!