01 August 2010

Prayer for our Friends

This past week some of our friends came into Bangkok and two of their kids came to our house to play.

Here's Asher, he's super excited to have another little guy at his house to play.

Meet Nolan, he's a year older than Asher and full of energy. He also thinks I'm a bit of a super hero because I took him on a skytrain ride.

This is Grace, she is a wonderful big sister and was probably bored out of her mind in our house full of cars.

Asher and Nolan had a blast chasing each other around in circles and playing cars.

And since they are little boys they seemed to always want to play with one car. We solved that problem (sort of) by switching the car between them every ten minutes.

I think this was during Asher's turn to play with the car. Nolan was just watching and waiting. Asher decided he better hold on tight and sit next to Daddy.

Unfortunately the reason for all of this play time was that their little brother Micah was visiting a doctor and having some tests done. We found out last night that Micah has a large tumor on his spine. His family will be leaving Bangkok quickly and heading to the States for him to go to the doctor. Please pray for Micah and his family during this time. They have a lot of traveling and a lot of uncertainty in their future.

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Anthony & Sharon said...

Will do! Our dad knows all the days he's ordained for little Micah. We pray he is healed!