12 August 2010

Church Time

We love our church here in Bangkok and finally after being there for a few months I think the other people are starting to love us. Or at least they love Asher. I promise you that every single person there knows his name, but for the life of them can't remember who I am. They just call me Asher's mom. Hey, at least I can understand that much Thai. They also get really confused as to exactly who I am married to. Any time they see a white guy at church they assume he is my husband. Occasionally that's awkward, but I think they are slowly learning.

Anyway, this week I decided to take a few pictures of Asher and the other nursery kids as they went about their busy Sunday morning routine of eating and playing (and fighting).

This is the main group of kids that are at church every week. The boy at the bottom of the slide is named Blessing. After he strikes the nursery we are usually left dazed, confused, crying and think that yes, we were just Blessed. The two little girls are very calm, I don't know how they survive in there. The baby's name is Mini, she's sweet and she lets me hold her. Asher loves her, too.

Sunday mornings have become one of my favorite times during the week. Although I rarely have any idea what is really going on, I love to sit back in the nursery with the other moms and watch the kids play, laugh when they do something funny and sympathize when they get upset.

This week we started a new cell group at church for mom's with little kids. We had five moms in our group this week and are praying that as we continue that we can grow and encourage all of the moms at church.

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Anthony & Sharon said...

Obviously Asher's dad is the grown man who looks just like him... though I guess all farangs look alike, eh? :)