22 August 2010

Potty Face

The other day I let Asher try on his Cars underwear and I got out the potty seat just to see what would happen.

Mostly what happened was Asher looked cute.

And silly.

And a lot like a big boy.

What it didn't look like was Asher using the potty. But he also made it an hour in the underwear without an accident. At that point he was refusing to go near the toilet and doing a little dance. You know, the kind of dance you do when you really have to go. He went and got a diaper and he said please, so I put the diaper on him. He looked so relieved. And he proceeded to fill up two diapers rather quickly.

I think I'll go ahead and say he's not quite ready for the whole potty thing, but hey, at least he looked good trying.


Ray and Morgan Stuart said...

More than looking good trying, he knew what it felt like and that he wasn't supposed to go in the underwear! That is a huge step! (not trying to rush you, I am just saying it is a good start).

Anthony & Sharon said...

What?!? He knew what it felt like to hold it in??? That's a pretty dang good start if you ask me! Though Isaac asked to take his diaper off and loved standing to pee in the toilet and bushes... though, I checked another blog right before this and he just peed in his pants standing in a kitchen chair. Nice. "They say" boys take longer...My fingers are crossed that he'll have it by 3! No rush!