24 August 2010

My Baby Wish List

Since we are having another precious little boy and I brought a lot of our baby stuff with us there's really not much I need to get before our new little guy joins us. I put together a little wish list of the things I would love to have. I would love to hear what you think. Have you used any of these things? Do you love them? Hate them? Think they are a waste of money? Let me know!

A Baby Carrier
I'm wanting to get either a
Action Baby Carrier or Ergo Baby Carrier with Infant Insert. Originally I was sold on the Ergo (thanks Beth Puckett!), but now I am leaning towards the Action Baby Carrier (ABC). The ABC is cheaper ($90 vs. $105 for Ergo and $25 for Infant Insert), comes in pretty colors and from what I have read online it is the best structured carrier when it's hot outside. The Ergo comes highly recommended and I know it works well, so I'm still having a little trouble deciding. I thought I had hit the jackpot a few days ago on the Bangkok Craig's List when I found a used Ergo for sale. Then I saw the price. The lady wanted nearly $200 for it because she bought it new in Bangkok for around $275.
Any suggestions or personal experiences?

Boppy Travel Swing
Asher loved swinging when he was little and thanks to my cousin Kelly we were able to borrow a swing while we were living with Mimi. Maddie Jackson slept sweetly in her Boppy swing the first time I met her and I love that it's super small. The bad thing is that I can't find it for sale anywhere except Ebay. The good thing is that I can buy a used one on Ebay at a reasonable price. I did actually come across a Fisher Price travel swing here in Bangkok for only $222.15 (actual retail price at Babies R Us in the States $69.99). I think I will be sticking to Ebay.

Cloth Diapers
I have a few and I applied for a cloth diaper grant from Cotton Babies. I'm still waiting to see if I got the grant, but if that doesn't take care of it this little one will probably just join Asher in the disposable diaper club.

3-6 month clothes
Asher was in the States during this time so all we have are winter clothes. I have Mimi shopping the consignment shops for me and I am keeping an eye out for sales now that it is time for Fall clothes in the States.

Personalized Boppy Cover
Asher had one, so it's only fair. If only the baby had a name...

This was another thing that we borrowed for Asher while we were living with Mimi. I'm really not particular, so I'm just hoping to pick up one around here somewhere.

Baby Monitor
We had an old intercom thing that we used when Asher was little and we lived with Mimi, but it broke. I would really like to get one of those video monitors just so I could see what really goes on when Asher (and in the future his little brother) are going to sleep and waking up. Probably I will take what I can find, but I hope I don't have to buy it new. Like everything else they are way overpriced here.

Changing Table
This is like my ultimate dream. I've never had one before and really I figure that if I never had one with Asher I really don't need one (pretty much like everything else on this list). But it would be fun to have a nice organized place to put all of the diaper stuff. I found one here that matches the baby bed and seems pretty nice. Items like this leave me wishing that IKEA would just go ahead and come to Bangkok!


Anthony & Sharon said...

Ok, so I'm interested to know if you didn't like your sling? Are you planning to use your sling again? (you did have one right?!!!) I just know the reason we didn't go with one like these(ergo, etc) was because we didn't want all the straps and carrying it, slings can be crammed into the diaper bag...maybe BKK requires something different! Just curious! With two I've enjoyed our sling...though I have wanted a Deuter baby carrier for hiking and outdoor adventures!

And the swing... have you considered just getting a Buaian? (that's what we call them in Malaysia...the bouncy swing things?) We took ours on several trips and folds down to barely anything...At home we used a "frame" to hang the springs on but when we traveled (and even what we brought back to the US) was the part of a Johnny Jump-up that attaches to the doorframe...then we just hooked the springs of the buaian to it. Everytime at every big meeting I was grateful for it bc Isaac would inevitably get sick and having that thing to bounce him in was like heaven!

I hope you get at least some of these things...monogrammed things are my favorite!

roger and courtney said...

I do have a sling and I will probably use it, but I think Bangkok will require a bit more support than the sling can provide. That and those baby carriers are all the rage around here...I mean, I do need to be culturally appropriate. From what I've been told I will have to deal with some straps, but these carriers can be thrown in a bag pretty easily, too. Getting around Bangkok is sort of like going hiking. I think there are around 70 steps between the street and the sky train and no elevators/not many escalators.
I haven't seen anything like the buaian around here, but I remember you talking about yours. That would be perfect to take to meetings. I will have to ask some of my Thai friends to look for me.