09 August 2010

Old Friends in a New Place

During college Roger and I had some great friends named En and Nung. They are from Bangkok, but at the time they were both studying at the University of Louisville. We would spend almost every Friday night with them eating Thai food, singing Thai karaoke and hanging out. They even spent Thanksgiving at our house after we got married.

En and Nung finished their studies at U of L and moved back to Bangkok. They are now married and working here in the city. They were super excited to find out that we were now living and studying in their city. Unfortunately we are all much too busy to hang out every Friday night, but we have been able to see them a few times recently.

Last weekend we went with them to eat with En's parents. We had some wonderful seafood and enjoyed getting to know their family and getting to practice speaking Thai. Asher was, of course, the center of attention. He started the evening off right by wai-ing En's parents. They thought he was so polite and so Thai. He did great sitting through a long Thai dinner and eating practically anything they offered him. Everyone was very impressed (we were too).

The restaurant was on the river so after dinner we went outside so Asher could see the boats and so that we could take a few pictures.

Asher and Mama watching the boats go by. Asher thought the Chao Phraya River was his own personal swimming pool and he kept asking to jump in.

Asher and En. They are big buddies, Asher insisted on sitting in her lap in the car while he told her all about the different vehicles he saw on the road.

En took a nice family picture for us while we watched the sun set.

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Anthony & Sharon said...

Yay! Nothing makes a place feel like home than being friends with locals. I feel your relief on Asher's "Thai-ness"... the first time Isaac correctly salam-ed an adult I was sooo delighted. Nothing reassures them that you are parenting correctly than a culturally appropriate greeting!